Writing a grocery list for the week can be overwhelming. Do you ever find yourself staring into space when writing one? Like when you find a new recipe and don’t know which store to shop or what to buy where. Having a list is personally something I must do or I end up buying 1 of everything. Before writing my list, I jot down each meal for the week, then check to see what I have in my pantry and refrigerator. Once I have taken 5 minutes to inventory what I have, I then list what I need. Trust me, this is such a habit worth creating. Not only does it save time when you are at the store, but you know what dishes you are making each night!

Pro Tip: Shopping the perimeter of the store is where you will find most of your whole nutrient-dense food.

I have compiled an easy-to-follow grocery list that you can download straight to your phone. It is broken down in to 14 categories; from fruits to nuts/seeds along with meat/poultry to vegetables/fats. I listed 4 of my favorite stores including which products I like to grab at each; I know how difficult it can be when you are handed a list of items to grab and have no clue where to get them. This list was created with you all in mind. When you know where and what to buy, it is helpful, and it makes those stops much less stressful!

*Following what’s in season also ensures you are getting the most nutrients from your fruits and vegetables.

Download Grocery List